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Launching May 19!

Employees and customers now have an expectation of purpose and social responsibility.  So too do financial investors that want to use their resources to create social impact and financial returns.  

Savvy business and nonprofit leaders see momentum,and realize that there's a way to create both profit and purpose.  

Unfortunately, the tools of the past haven't  taught us how to bake both social impact and financial sustainability into a sound, manageable, measurable business model.  We need new tools.

I've created this course to support both nonprofit and business leaders to think about how their businesses can aspire to world-changing social impact.  

Based on years of study, university course work and GivingSpring's proprietary B.E.G.I.N. process for Aspirational Businesses, this course will give you everything you need to create a business model that blends financial sustainability and impact.

What You Get: 

  • Unlimited 1-year access to 6 online course sessions filled with case studies and best practices. 
  • All custom materials to build the foundation for an organization that will create profitability and social impact, including our proprietary Aspirational Business Model Canvas.
  • A  30 minute, individual review & assessment of your business plan.

Through this this program you'll define:

  • Your aspirational vision for building a social enterprise
  • The type of business model that best meets your needs
  • How your organization will create social impact and financial sustainability
  • What financial key indicators and impact metrics you will measure
  • Your ideal funding types and potential impact investors 
  • A persuasive pitch to get consumers, investors and your community on the same page 

Plus, as a Pre-Registrant, you'll Receive the Following Bonuses:

  • Your own B.E.G.I.N. process handbook downloadable workbook
  • A copy of "The Aspirational Business" book (coming this fall)
  • Access to a moderated LinkedIn Group for course attendees
  • A 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason

This class is for you if:

If you are tired of bucketed as a nonprofit or for-profit organization and you know that there's a way to blend social impact and profitability, this course is for you!  

If you know that the standard business model planning methods aren't robust, flexible or visionary, this course is for you.  

If you’re frustrated, disillusioned, confused or simply know you have work to do to change the world and want to get started, this course is definitely for you.


"Dora Lutz is an expert at helping organizations grow through making positive impacts on the world.  The work she's doing is changing company cultures and business practices to align profits with community benefit." - Jacob Schpok, COO, Sharpen

"One thing i found especially incredible about Dora as a teacher is that when someone gave an answer to a question, even if it wasnt what she was looking for, she found a way to validate that student and give constructive feedback. for this reason she made every student feel comfortable to go outside their comfort zone in her class which allowed our class to grow and learn as much as possible. She is an amazing teacher who knows not only how to teach material from the textbook in an interesting way but also knows how to truly inspire her students to live a better and more fulfilling life.  She is a natural and inspirational leader in the classroom. As a female student, it was so inspiring to have Dora to look up to as a powerful woman in business who is also a loving mother to her family. " - Anonymous Student

"Dora's findings and her assistance in helping us understand our organizational culture and employee preferences was very insightful.  Dora's recommendations showed an in-depth understanding of our organizational culture.  This work was very important to our staff leadership for several reasons." - Christy Huston, Executive Director, Indiana State Chamber Foundation.

"Our organization has been around since 1928 and has been supported by several hundred companies throughout the years.  However the conversations began changing 10 years ago for various economic and societal reasons.  We were in need of not only consultative and strategic expertise but also professional development for our frontline fundraisers.  Being equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the changing landscape of CSR enabled us to elevate our current sponsor relationships and to rethink our donor stewardship.  We see value in the professional development training as key to reaching new and non-traditional sponsor companies, thus expanding and diversifying our donor base." - Todd Greenwood, Director of Corporate Contributions, National FFA


Will there be homework?

Well, yeah, you're doing this at home: that's the point.  But there's no assignment to turn in unless you want me to check it out for you.  

Each step of the program and give you the tools to build as you go; you may choose to do just one item at a time, or simply audit the first time around.  Either way you have unlimited to the programs once you sign up.

What if I realize it’s not for me?

No worries!  All of our programs have a money back 30-day guarantee.  If you decide the program’s not for you, we’ll happily refund our program.

How do I know if our organization is ready?

Not all organizations are quite ready for a social enterprise plan.  However, most are more prepared than they think.  If you begin this work and decide that it's not for you, again, we'll be happy to refund your money with a 30-day guarantee.


This program, run in person, is valued at $12,500.  But for this online course:

Be among the first to pre-register by May 1, 2018 and receive 50% off the introductory price, only $99.00 with coupon code "EarlyBird"

After May 1, 2017 receive the introductory price of $199.00.  

Again, we offerA 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

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P.S. (A Note from the Instructor):  

This 6 hour course condenses 5 years of intensive study, certifications, and university-level training into an online course that distills the basics you need  to create a social business model. This work is my passion and my purpose, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I know to help you and your business! - Dora

Dora Lutz

Dora Lutz

Founder, GivingSpring

Dora Lutz, author of The Aspirational Business, teaches, coaches and mentors leaders who want to build world-changing businesses. 

Dora currently owns GivingSpring where she coaches, mentors and facilitates trainings for social enterprises, corporate leaders and nonprofit organizations.  She also teaches Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs through Purdue University's award winning Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program.  

As one of a handful of certified Shared Value Consultants in North America, Dora is focused on helping businesses create financial sustainability and social impact. Former chair of the Global Strategy Council for IMPACT 2030, a United Nations initiative , Dora helped engage the Midwest region in working towards the Millennium Sustainability Goals through volunteerism and service.

Dora earned her MBA in Organizational Leadership from Butler University.

Outside of work, Dora  serves on the board of Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana and leads her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.

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