Dr. Katherine Clayton, CEO

Dora’s mentorship taught me about new opportunities and sped up the process of the field that I could not get from any of the other approaches I was taking.


Erin Hedges, CEO

Dora made the process simple for employees at all levels of our organization to be meaningfully engaged in developing a community engagement strategy that will, without question, multiply our combined efforts to create social impact.

Indiana Chamber Foundation

Christy Huston, Executive Director

Dora's recommendations showed an in-depth understanding of our organizational culture. This work was very important to our staff leadership for several reasons. One is that we were actively communicating CSR information to our members during the year in our BizVoice publication and wanted to create a plan to guide our own community engagement goals. Additionally, we wanted to understand and document which philanthropic initiatives best align with the Chamber's goals and our employee preferences.”

Merchandise Warehouse

Scott Whiting, CEO

I have a bunch of next steps rattling around in my head, and The Aspirational Business Model will be VERY helpful.

Elevate Ventures

Jacob Schpok, Director of University Initiatives

Dora Lutz is an expert at helping organizations grow through making positive impacts on the world. The work she’s doing is changing company cultures and business practices to align profits with community benefit.

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